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Graded Readers for Free!

Looking for a fun way to improve your English for free (or cheap)? Go to and search “Graded Readers”. In the results you will find a lot of kindle editions of graded readers that can be downloaded for free.

For other reading resources, go to This multi-lingual site has a lot of free reading materials.

Reading a lot of easy level books is an enjoyable way to build fluency in English.

Golden week is next week, so get some books ready and enjoy learning English by reading in your time off from work. You can borrow books from school or find some of your own from the resources listed above.

And as always, if you have any questions about starting a reading program for you or your kids, just as your teacher or other staff at ALEX英会話.





英検の準会場認定校のALEX英会話では、 2022年度第3回実用英語技能検定を実施する予定です。 ※試験会場はALEX英会話月島校となります。 (但し、1級・準1級は本会場のみ。3級以上の2次試験は本会場での受験となります。) 受験をご希望の方は、レッスン時に申込用紙をお渡しいたします。 また、受験できる人数には限りがありますので、 ご希望の方はお早めに申込ください。 是非この機会に英検にチャレン

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