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Extensive Reading 「多読」について






Extensive reading is an approach to learning to read in English. By reading a lot of very easy books, students can improve their reading speed and fluency.

Intensive reading, on the other hand, is what most students do in class. Intensive reading involves a teacher helping students to understand grammar, vocabulary and developing read skills.

It is important that students practice both intensive reading (in class) and extensive reading (in class AND at home) so that they can build their vocabulary and improve fluency.

Extensive reading is one of the best study methods for improving test scores such as TOEIC, Eiken and TOFEL.

At ALEX英会話, we have a library of books (graded readers) for students of all ages and all levels. Ask our staff to help you find your level and choose a book that looks interesting to you. Start reading more today, and your speaking, vocabulary, grammar and reading speed will all improve!


Alex Conley is the Executive Director of ALEX英会話 月島・勝どき校. Alex has been teaching English in Japan for the last seven years in eikaiwa around the Kanto Area. He is also a certified and accredited Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar trainer with the U.K. based company, Jolly Learning.





英検の準会場認定校のALEX英会話では、 2022年度第3回実用英語技能検定を実施する予定です。 ※試験会場はALEX英会話月島校となります。 (但し、1級・準1級は本会場のみ。3級以上の2次試験は本会場での受験となります。) 受験をご希望の方は、レッスン時に申込用紙をお渡しいたします。 また、受験できる人数には限りがありますので、 ご希望の方はお早めに申込ください。 是非この機会に英検にチャレン

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