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About Enrollment

What is the enrollment process? 

Students aged two to 12 years old will first join a trial lesson, often observing an existing lesson. For High school students and adults, we will first conduct a level check and then give a prospective student the opportunity to join an existing lesson based on their level on a trial basis. After taking a trial lesson, we will work with you to find a lesson that fits your English level and schedule. Once you are satisfied, you can enter our school. 

Is the native teacher's class all in English?

Yes. Even for beginner levels, our professional teachers are trained to work with students to support them in learning English in a completely immersive environment. Teachers will use simple English words and phrases that beginers can understand, and if there is anything that is not understood, it will be written on the whiteboard. If you feel that your lesson is difficult at first, please give it some time. Over time you will become more comfortable as your English ability continues to improve.

Fees and Payment Method

How much is the tuition fee?

Lesson fees range from 9,000~10,000円 depending on the class type. For futher details, please refer to our Course Fee page.

Are there other charges besides the regular lesson fee?

We charge a school entry fee and maintenance fee of 1200/month, in addition to books and materials fees (paid at actual cost). 

How do I make payments?

The first payment upon enrollment will be paid in cash. After that, direct bank transfer payments are arranged. Ask our staff for details. 

About Our Teachers

Do native English speaking teachers use Japanese in class?

At ALEX英会話, we use the direct teaching method so only English is used in class. 


Do the teachers change during the semester?

At ALEX英会話 we believe that talking with various teachers leads to improved communication skills for students, so teachers may change over time. To request a specific teacher, please speak with our staff at the location at which you study and we will try to accept your request. 


Are there Japanese teachers?

Yes, we have Japanese teachers that teach grammar in Japanese to prepare students for standardized tests such as Eiken and TOEIC.

About Our Lessons

What teaching materials do you use?

For young learners, we use photocopied materials to support phonic development and writing skills. For Elementary school children, we use the Let's Go (Oxford University Press), Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar series. In Jr. High classes, we use the Connect series (Cambridge University Press), and in adult classes, we use Side By Side (Pearson and Longman) and the Interchange series (Cambridge University Press). Original supplementary materials are also used depending on class type and level. 


Can I use other materials not specified here?

This is only possible for private lessons. 


Are there school events? 

Yes, we have various school events such as a Halloween party, Christmas party, parents days, etc. 


At what age can students start lessons? 

Children can join our school starting from 2 years old. Children under two years old can take a trial lesson with their parents and join if the instuctor feels comfortable including the new student in an existing lesson. 

Can parents join in lessons with children?

Yes, parents can join/observe lessons with their kids. Please contact the school if you wish to do so. 

Do you offer any short term courses?

If you are interested in a short term course, we recommend taking ticket lessons. Contact our school for details. 


​Are the lessons scheduled at the same time every week?

Yes, lessons are paid for on a monthly tuition system and students take lessons at a fixed time week over week. 

What is the most popular lesson?

For children, the group kids lesson is most popular. Students in these lessons learn reading and writing skills through phonics instruction  as well as how to listen and communicate effectively in English in an all English environment. 


For adults, Happy Time classes are a unique opportunity to have high quiality lessons at a discounted price. See our Happy Time page for details.


​If a student is absent, can they receive a make up lesson?

Yes. Make-up lessons are offered for one absense per month. We ask that students contact school the day before they are absent to schedule a make-up lesson. If you or a family member are sick, you can contact the school on the day on which you will be absent. 






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About Our School

What are the school operating hours?

The school is open from 12:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday and 9:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays. 


Can I take a leave of absence?

Yes. Students who want to take a break from studying but want to hold their place on the schedule can take a leave of absence. In this case they will be required to pay 50% of their regualr tuition fee. This can not be done in months with fewer than two regular lessons. 

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